It’s that time of the year where families and friends gather together for Thanksgiving. During this time together, there will be many turkeys eaten and a lot of football being watched. So as we enjoy this time of the year, the question will surely be asked: “What are you thankful for?”.
As most of us will give the “normal” yet truthful answers of “Family”, “Friends”, etc… I have decided to be a little more specific. Here is my list (not totally exclusive) of What I am Thankful For:
– My God (Yes, this is the Christian thing to say, but truthfully my life would be empty and pointless without Him)
– My smokin hot wife – she is amazing, such a great mom, an equally great wife, and just the ultimate example of what the Bible describes as the Virtuous woman.
– Nathaniel Jensen – God continues to use our first son in a wonderful way, and even though he may have never spoken a word outside of the womb, he continues to speak volumes to me and others who hear his story.
– [R]uebin Kal-el – This little dude is incredible! He is just only 8 months old, but has already created such a huge impact on how I view life. This kid is amazing, and I look forward to see what God has in store for him.
– My Family – God has blessed me with an amazing family – I truly am thankful for their Godly examples.
– Cornerstone Church – God is doing awesome things at Cornerstone, we have amazing people, and an amazing attitude…
– CRAVE – I love our teens! It’s awesome to see what God is doing with them… even though they continually tell me how old I am!
– Chapel Field Christian School – God has placed me at that school for a reason, I love being able to hang out with students on a daily basis. Oh, and my volleyball team rocks…
– God’s Direction – Okay, so this isn’t specific, but God is continually working in Pam and my life, and I am excited of what has already taken place and where God is leading us!
– The [R] Project – I truly believe God has great plans for The [R] Project, we have a long way to go…

So, there you go, here are some reasons I am thankful… what are you thankful for?

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. Psalm 105:1

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