Weekly Confessions: #1

The Confession: Stealing
The Object: Animal Crackers and Juicy Juice
The Victim: Church Nursery

The Explanation: I know I’m not the only one, but I can’t stand the guilt anymore. There is something about the taste of Animal Crackers and a box of Juicy Juice Apple Juice that taste even better when coming from the church nursery. It starts when one is working in the church office and starts having some cravings for something to eat. The idea of raiding the nursery is quite appealing. Maybe because the other options are the leftover donuts from the weekend, or some lollipops from the Jr. Church closet. Perhaps it brings one back to their childhood, remembering the days when going to church consisted of a bible story on flannel graph, snack time, and building blocks. Whatever the case maybe, there is a guilty pleasure that comes from a handful of animal crackers and a juicy juice box.

Oh, and let’s not forget the occasional pretzels…

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  1. Al Nickerson says:

    I am sad for these poor children. Their tiny, little hearts are gonna break once they realize that their yummy snacks were plundered. 🙁

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