Weekend Wrap Up

Friday, July 11

We were at the Castle for a teen activity. Won by a stroke at Mini-Golf, loss some coinage in the Arcade, and Dominated at Laser Tag…

Saturday, July 12

Worked reshab with this awesome kid who happens to have autism… took pics of my new lambourghini, spent time with my Uncle Steve and his family who were visiting from Long Island, and was up to about 3am finishing my sermon for Sunday

Sunday, July 13

Preached during our AM services at Cornerstone you can listen to the message here

Went out to lunch with my Uncle and his family and a bunch of others at Chili’s… Had my bodyguards come with me as we met this guy who needed some money to get home, had small groups that evening, followed by another trip to the castle for some more mini-golf…

I didn’t do too well this time around…

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