To Do List…

This summer has flown by to say the least! I can’t believe that school will be resuming in less than a month!

I know that this is bad news to all those kids out there, but it’s also a little discouraging to someone like myself who had some “BIG” plans for the summer, and really haven’t done much with those plans.

I could easily blame my “hectic” schedule, but I know most of us are in the same boat when it comes to being busy. So instead of just continuing to complain about something in which I cannot change at this point, I will list somethings that I would still like to accomplish in the “last” month of Summer ’08.

1. Landscaping my yard (our house has so much potential, I just wished it showed on the outside a little more)

2. Get the [R] Project rolling! (need to get our mission statement done, work on goals and vision)

3. 6 Pack??? I’ve been working out and running this summer more than I have my entire life, but still no 6 pack… why? Because I still don’t eat the way I need to… so my goal is to change my eating habits and see if we can something that resembles a six pack just a bit.

4. The Beach! Okay, so I went to Wildwood, NJ earlier this summer, but I need at least one more trip to the beach before summer is over!

5. Ministry Kick – Still looking for a ministry kick in the butt… something to pump me up, get me re-energized and ready for the fall…

I guess I will leave it at the 5 things for now. I do have a few other things that I would of like to accomplished, but considering that there is only around 30 days left of this summer, I think I have plenty of things “to do” to keep me busy.

Have you done everything you wanted this summer?

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