School’s Out for the Monday!

As a vice principal at a local Christian School, I am learning a lot of new things about myself. One of those things is how I love “Snow Days” especially on Mondays!

I find that I get so “busy” at times that I don’t have time to just relax. I know that this is not uncommon in today’s society. However, it does remind me of the example that God has shown us through His creation and being able to take a day of rest.

Some would argue that Sunday should be that day of rest. And no matter how much I love Sundays, and want to honor God through that day as much as possible, as a Pastor that is one of my “busiest” days of the week. Besides, we shouldn’t just honor God on one day out of the week anyways.

So this leads me to think, “How can I follow the biblical model of having one day of rest?”. Which leads me to ask, “What are some unimportant things in my life I need to let go in order to have the time that God wants me to have?”.

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