Failure Message Series

Recent Series on “Failure”.

We wanted to have people understand that we all “Fail” at times. However, we all have the ability to learn and do amazing things after our failures.

The main concept is how God can take us as Failures and use us in a great way.

We ended the series on Easter with a message how our Failures became Christ’s Failures.

Here are some of the quotes that were posted throughout for the series:

“I denied Christ three times before His crucifixion, but He named me His cornerstone on which His church would be built.” – Peter

“I use to persecute Christians before writing over half the books in the New Testament” – Paul (Formerly known as Saul)

“I killed a man and ran away from home before being used to free my people from the Egyptians” – Moses

“I ran away from God before being swallowed by a big fish, yet God used me to help win all of Ninevah to Him” – Jonah

“I was told as a boy by my teacher, I was too stupid to learn anything” – Edison

“I was cut from my high school basketball team” -Michael Jordan

“I fell into temptation by a beautiful woman, yet God used me to pull the temple walls down” – Samson

“My music teacher once told me that as a composer, I was hopeless” – Beethoven

“I struck out 1,330 times, but I also hit 714 home runs” – Babe Ruth

“I had the perfect Father, the perfect life, and found without fault yet I took your failures and made them my own” – Jesus

You can listen/download the message series here

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