TheSwizzle: Hey Ruebin, it’s been just about a year since our last interview, how have things been?

Ruebin: Things have been going pretty well, I have been pretty busy this past year.

TheSwizzle: So I hear that you are celebrating your first birthday today, is that correct?

Ruebin: Yes, you have heard correctly… although I try not to tell peeps my age, I think you would understand that.

TheSwizzle: Oh yea, gotcha… sorry.

Ruebin: No prob dude, no prob…

TheSwizzle: So, your adoring fans want to know what you have been doing this past year

Ruebin: Wow, where do I even start?…

TheSwizzle: Maybe just give us some of the highlights….

Ruebin: Okay, well, I have learned to roll over, crawl, stand, and speak… UMmmm… I wonder if my parents think I’m one of the dogs?

TheSwizzle: What would you say is your favorite memory of the past year?

Ruebin: I think it would probably be the day that I realized how to get my groove on… I’m a pretty amazing dancer; you should see some of my moves…

TheSwizzle: You also mentioned that you are learning to talk, what was your first word?

Ruebin: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis

TheSwizzle: That’s amazing… really?

Ruebin: Ha, no, I was just playing with ya… it was “da da”

TheSwizzle: I’m sure your dad was excited about that

Ruebin: Yea, he was… but, he also gets excited when he finds a rubber band, so it’s all relative.

TheSwizzle: Any major accomplishments this past year?

Ruebin: Well, besides learning to sit up, roll over, crawl, stand, hold my bottle, talk, dance, laugh, high five, call peeps on the cell phone, turn the TV on and off, eat solid food, and various other things… I would say no.

TheSwizzle: What are you plans for the coming year?

Ruebin: Well, I’m currently in the beginning stages of negotiating a record deal. Oh, and I plan on walking in the very near future.

TheSwizzle: What would you say was your most embarrassing moment this past year?

Ruebin: UMmmmm… pretty much anytime my dad started dancing. I love that guy, but he should save the dancing for me…

TheSwizzle: You mentioned your dad a bit, but I was wondering what type of relationship you have with your mom?

Ruebin: Oh mommy, she is the best! She feeds me, cleans up after me, loves on me, and is quite a nice lady.

TheSwizzle: Ummm… I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but it sounds like she treats you like a baby.

Ruebin: Dude, I am only 1 years old, I am a baby.

TheSwizzle: But, I thought you said you didn’t want to mention your age?

Ruebin: UMMmmm… I think we are done here, good bye.

TheSwizzle: Ruebin?…. UMmmm…    happy birthday

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