Pam and I have been working on “ReFocusing” our Vision with The [R] Project. We will continue with sharing the message of “HOPE”, but will really “streamline” who we are trying to reach and how we will go about doing so.

We have 5 main purposes:

a. To provide support and grief counseling to parents who have lost a child

b. To equip churches with the knowledge and resources necessary to reach the members of their congregation and community affected by the loss of a child.

c. To hold seminars and provide counseling sessions regarding the grieving process.

d. To share the hope we have through Jesus Christ.

e. To have youth outreaches for teens and young adults troubled by the loss of a loved one.

With 2 Main Goals:

1. To reach parents/families who have experienced miscarriage, still birth, or a loss of an infant. We want to be able to support them through their grieving process, and provide resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

2. We also are working with people who are close to someone who has experienced child loss, giving them information on how to react, what to say, and what they can do to support.

We are also starting a “parent panel” made up of parents who have experienced child loss. The purpose of this panel is to discuss ways of reaching out to other parents who have/are experiencing such a loss. What ways are effective for comfort, healing, etc…

We will be rolling out a new website along with our “refocused” vision this fall! Help us get the word out, as we continue to spread the [R]evolution of Hope.

Check us out at theRproject.org and like us at facebook.com/revolutionofhope

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