Every once in awhile I’m asked to design something “pro-bono”. As much as I love designing, I don’t always have the time to do something for free. However, when it comes to ministry based things, especially those involve directly in sharing God’s love with others, I tend to make an exception.

So, when I was asked to design a shirt for a mission’s trip to China, I thought it over for like 2 seconds and said “sure thing…”.

So here’s a sneak peak at the shirt (The Chinese symbols say “Pray for China”), and it will be available for purchase in the near future at

Support the Gospel of Christ, help reach the unreachable!

get uncomfortable



Pam and I have been working on “ReFocusing” our Vision with The [R] Project. We will continue with sharing the message of “HOPE”, but will really “streamline” who we are trying to reach and how we will go about doing so.

We have 5 main purposes:

a. To provide support and grief counseling to parents who have lost a child

b. To equip churches with the knowledge and resources necessary to reach the members of their congregation and community affected by the loss of a child.

c. To hold seminars and provide counseling sessions regarding the grieving process.

d. To share the hope we have through Jesus Christ.

e. To have youth outreaches for teens and young adults troubled by the loss of a loved one.

With 2 Main Goals:

1. To reach parents/families who have experienced miscarriage, still birth, or a loss of an infant. We want to be able to support them through their grieving process, and provide resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

2. We also are working with people who are close to someone who has experienced child loss, giving them information on how to react, what to say, and what they can do to support.

We are also starting a “parent panel” made up of parents who have experienced child loss. The purpose of this panel is to discuss ways of reaching out to other parents who have/are experiencing such a loss. What ways are effective for comfort, healing, etc…

We will be rolling out a new website along with our “refocused” vision this fall! Help us get the word out, as we continue to spread the [R]evolution of Hope.

Check us out at and like us at



As my wife and I pursue reaching other parents who have loss a child through The [R] Project, it is encouraging to see other organizations geared for dealing with child loss as well.

I stumbled across and am inspired by their stories and dedication in reaching hurting/grieving parents.

The [R] Project has some ways to go to really start being effective, but I truly believe that God has been laying down the ground work and is setting us up for something truly HUGE!

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or HOPE. – Ephesians 3:20



I have always had a heart for missions…. spent my life growing up as a missionary kid in Canada. And now have had the opportunity to do short term missions in Kenya and Honduras.

I love missions… I love people… I love being used by God… so with all that in mind, Pam and I are adding a new ministry to The [R] Project ( simply called “The Out[R]each”. Our vision is to be able to reach out beyond our comfort zone and fulfill the great commission that Christ has given us as Christians.

You can follow us on facebook at

Go into ALL THE WORLD and Preach God’s LOVE & TRUTH (the Gospel) to EVERYONE!

get uncomfortable… go serve!




Your body uses carbs as it’s primary source for energy, once your carbs are depleted, it then focuses on your body fat for energy. So, if you remove carbs from the equation, you are forcing your body to attack your fat!


Hydrate a lot, you don’t have much carbs (at least a gallon a day)

Example Meal Plan (Eat every 2-3 hrs)

6:30am – Eggs 4

9:30am – 50grms of protein shake and 2 table spoons of peanut butter

11:30am – 8oz chicken and almonds

2:30pm – 50grms of protein shake and 2 table spoons of peanut butter

5:30pm – 8oz beef patty and spinach

8:30pm – Eggs 4

You can use various foods as long as they are no carb or very low carb

Other Foods You can Use (Just a few examples)


Hot Dogs (Check packaging)

Tuna Fish

Cheeses (Check packaging, most contain traces or no carbs at all)

Various Vegetables (Be careful though b/c some contain a lot more carbs than one would expect)

Beef Jerky (Check packaging)

Foods to Avoid (Just a few examples)

SWEETS! (Sugars = Carbs = Bad)

Fruit (they contain natural sugars = carbs)

Soda (check labeling, most diet sodas are sugar/carb free)

Gum (if you do need to chew, Trident is one of the best choices, as there is about only 1 carb per piece)

Bread, Pasta, etc…

Most Drinks (especially juices, alcohol, etc…)

CARDIO (Do before your first meal or immediately post workout)

Weeks 1&2: 45mins 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

Weeks 3&4: 1hr 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

Weeks 5&6: 1.5 hrs 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

Weeks 7&8: 2hrs 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

*treadmill is recommended due to be able to control tempo, but you can walk outside if you choose to do so. Just aim for a consistent heartbeat of 110-120 bpm.

Weight Lifting (Don’t work a body part more than once a week, as recovery time will take longer due to lack of carbs)

3-4 times a week

ex. Chest/Triceps – Legs/Abs – Back/Biceps – Shoulders/delts


You get 1 cheat meal after the first 2 weeks, then once a week afterwards. This is for ONE MEAL ONLY. Use that meal to CARB UP!


Multi-Vitamin 2x a day (1 morning and 1 at night)

Vitamin C 2x a day (1 morning and 1 at night)

Fish Oil 3x a day (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner)

BeneFiber  2x a day (morning and night)

Stimulants (I’m not taking personally, but you can take some to help the process)


The first couple of days you will feel “light headed”. This is due to your body getting adjusted to no carbs. This feeling will go away after a few days.

You will actually feel more energetic due to lack of sugars in your system.

Due to your body being in a state of ketosis, you could have “bad breath”, so warn your love ones and invest in some mouthwash.

Consult your doctor to make sure this plan is okay for you to follow.*

You must do everything on the plan to achieve the results you are looking for, so make sure you drink your water, follow the eating plan, and do your cardio!


*You can do what you want, but I don’t want to be held liable for anything 🙂



Okay, so I’m a little pumped about our new series starting at Cornerstone in April. The series is called “Broken Like Me” and will be focusing on the “brokeness” that we all face as individuals.

There is an answer to our “brokeness”, and that answer is in the form of Hope that can only be obtained through Christ.

We are looking for individuals who have experienced this hope and would like to share their story. If you would like to share your story, go to


Uh Oh, they just asked the Question

(As my wife and I work on writing a book for parents who have lost a child, we will be blogging our thoughts/insight of some of the subjects we are going to try to address. This is one of them…)

“Do you have any children?” & “How many children do you have?” are 2 of the most common questions a couple will receive, especially when they have been married for a few years.

The questions are quite innocent in their nature. It’s one of those things that we “naturally” say when in a conversation with someone we may have just met or haven’t seen in a long time. It’s like asking “How are you” and which we often respond “I’m fine”. Which, we know in reality, we aren’t really “fine”, but who wants to hear about how we spilled coffee on our shirt this morning, and the dogs escaped from the house, and how we got behind a really slow guy on the highway which caused us to be late for work this morning?

So, despite the innocence of the questions “Do you have any children?” or “How many children do you have?”, when you are a parent who has experienced a loss of a child, those questions can be hard to answer.

Do you simply try to avoid the “awkwardness” by answering with a simple “no” or “not any yet”? Do we go out of our way not to make the person who asked the question feel bad, by diverting the answer? As a parent who has lost a child, I know too well what it’s like to face those type of questions.

I have at times taken the “let’s not make this awkward” approach and answered with the “I’m fine” response and simply say “yes, I have one son” (or before [R]uebin was born, the “Ummm, not yet”). However, I have found that after I respond in that way, I feel guilty. I don’t have just one son, I have two amazing sons!

So now when I’m asked the questions “Do you have any children?” followed by the “how many?” My response is yes, 2 amazing sons. Which then allows me to share the story of how God is using our oldest in a way I could never imagine. Yes, he’s not here with us on earth, but he is still our son and that will never change.

So if you are that parent who has lost a child, don’t be afraid to make it “awkward”, it’s okay, it will give you a chance to share your story. And if you are that person who asked the question, please ask us more questions about our child (children). What was his/her name? Who did he/she look like? What’s your greatest memory about your child? Trust me, we want people to ask these questions.

“My oldest son’s name is Nathaniel Jensen, he had the cutest face and the most wrinkly little hands and feet you had ever seen.”



Alright, so Pam and I have dubbed our potential Amazing Race partnership as “Team Awesome”. And yes, it does kind of sound a little arrogant at first, but the real point behind it is that we serve an Awesome God, who continually does Awesome things in our lives, so therefore we are… Team Awesome.

I’m in the process of writing a story out for the “Team Awesome” idea, and just wanted to see who would be interested in buying a shirt if we got them printed. We would do a limited amount of shirts, and they would go for $15 each. All the money would of course go directly to The [R] Project.



Okay, so my wife and I have been big fans of “The Amazing Race” since it was aired 18 seasons ago. We have constantly told each other that we would “one day” try out for the show. Well, that “one day” is here!

Yea, we are headed to open Casting Calls tomorrow and are praying that we get a chance to make the show!

Keep us in your prayers, we’re about to bring “awesomeness” to the Amazing Race! (hopefully…)

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