MG: True Love Poster

MG: True Love Poster

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A reminder that we are to love all, no matter what, simply because Christ first loved us…


broken resolutions

As we near the end of January, we also see the end too many people’s new year resolutions. As I walked into the Gym last night, there was quite a bit activity going on. However, there has been a significant drop since the beginning of the month.

As I was going through my workout, I asked myself the question, “Why do people quit?”, “What does it take to motivate someone in sticking with their goals?”.

We live in a world of “Broken Resolutions”, where we often start a task, and never quite complete it. Do we blame those around us? Is it due to a lack of time? Why do so many people “fail” when it comes to accomplishing the task at hand?

I fall into this category of “failure” often. Not doing what I said I would do, not staying with a goal to the end.

I’m purposing in my heart not to fail, to stay “run with endurance” until the end…. I’m taking it one step at a time…


3 Weeks…

This month our teens are going through a series entitled “Stepping Up Your Game”. It’s basically has been a weekly challenge of “stepping” up your game in various areas of your life such as: Physically, Spiritually, and Righteously.

I have been struggling in all 3… I know I’m human, but I find that we so often fall back on that as an excuse. I’m learning to follow Christ’s example, and live a life without blemish.

It’s certainly a task, but I’ve been challenge to step up my game, and life the live God has intended for me.


School’s Out for the Monday!

As a vice principal at a local Christian School, I am learning a lot of new things about myself. One of those things is how I love “Snow Days” especially on Mondays!

I find that I get so “busy” at times that I don’t have time to just relax. I know that this is not uncommon in today’s society. However, it does remind me of the example that God has shown us through His creation and being able to take a day of rest.

Some would argue that Sunday should be that day of rest. And no matter how much I love Sundays, and want to honor God through that day as much as possible, as a Pastor that is one of my “busiest” days of the week. Besides, we shouldn’t just honor God on one day out of the week anyways.

So this leads me to think, “How can I follow the biblical model of having one day of rest?”. Which leads me to ask, “What are some unimportant things in my life I need to let go in order to have the time that God wants me to have?”.


where do I stand?

After an awesome week of seeing God work, I continue to be amazed at seeing just what He is capable of! TheRProject’s first major event, “Purity Week”really challenged me to look at my own life in so many ways. I have seen the importance of checking myself on a daily basis, making sure that I’m persevering in purity on a continued basis.

Living a pure life takes knowing God, loving Him, and living your life for Him. Satan seeks to destroy us, and his biggest weapon is to attack our purity.

Are you living a life of Purity?


The Importance of Two…

My wife and I went away overnight, just to get a way. We visited Mystic, CT. It was somewhat chili out today, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our time with each other.

I found that sometimes my life gets so busy with my job, ministry, and everything else in between. One thing that I’m learning is that I should never get too busy for my wife. She is what makes my job, ministry, and everything else in between work.

As I strive to be all that God wants me to be, and strive to make my ministry a God lead, God Driven ministry, I also realize that I can never forsake the one that God has given to me, or I will be forsaking God Himself.

God comes first, then my wife, then everything else…. it’s the way it should be, but something I need to continue to work on.


God Increases…

In the past 2 months, God has taken our teen group of 7 kids and seen it increase to over 30 the past few weeks. I wish I could explain what’s going on, but it’s purely God and that’s it.

We have also seen our regular worship service increase from an average of 80 each Sunday to over 125 the past couple of Sundays.

Is this a fluke?

I dare not question what God is doing. This is we have been praying for, this is what we have been faithfully working towards the past few years. God is at work, and I believe the time has come that we finally begin the Revolution of reaching our community in a way that will change people’s hearts, lives, and Eternal Destinations.

The Revolution Starts Now! Are you ready?


the NEED to blog…

Doing my normal “random” search of various things on the good old internet, I came across Seth Godin’s Blog and read an interesting challenge about “Internal Blogging”. The idea was to get people like me to write down my thoughts and where I am at in life. Something along the lines of a personal journal sharing the daily experiences of life. So here I am, my first of hopefully many blogs to come…

~ Pastor Seth

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