A NEW Chapter for the Switzer Family is about to begin. God has been burdening our family for the past few years about planting a church. My wife, Pam, and I have been praying about this together, seeking wisdom from others, and searching out exactly where God wants us to go.

We have really gone back and forth with God, making sure that we were following HIS WILL and not ours. This past summer after spending a few days fasting and praying, we knew for sure where God wanted us to go plant a church. God is calling us to Monticello, NY.

I have to be honest, Monticello wasn’t the first on my list of cities/towns that I wanted to go to. It’s a nice town, but it’s small and in a rural area. I was thinking God wanted us to go someplace BIG like New York City, Boston, or even Montreal. But I have found out that was more me than God. In fact, we felt that God was calling us to the Monticello area a few years ago, but never really followed through with anything. So, here we are, fully surrendering ourselves to God and His calling for our lives.

We are excited, but very nervous. This is scary, this is different, but I can’t wait to see how God SHOWS up as we totally TRUST HIM through all of this!

Please keep us in your prayers! We are now in the process of developing a launch team, raising support, and learning the in’s and out’s of Church Planting!!

So I guess we can official announce that “Restoration Church” is coming to Monticello, New York in the Fall of 2014!

btw – if think God is leading you to help out with a Church Plant and would be interested in being a part of our initial Launch Team, Pray about it and then let me know!




The Switzer Family is GROWING!

#BABYNEXT is coming APRIL 2014



The following are 10 WAYS to SUPPORT someone who has lost a child. These were put together as part of our ministry at theRproject.org. If you have experience child loss, we want you to know that you are NOT ALONE, there is HOPE!

~ Seth & Pam

Acknowledge their loss, right away. You may be afraid you’ll say something “stupid,” but it is even worse to ignore the loss. Remember, a “HUG” can speak volumes!

Note: Avoid saying things like “you’re young, you can try again,” “at least you have other children,” “things happen for a reason,” “they are in a better place,” etc…

Pray for and with them! Share Scriptures that bring comfort, encouragement, and hope. (ex. Psalm 46:1, Psalm 34:18, Isaiah 40:31, Romans 12:12, Ephesians 3:20-21)

Let them talk about their child, the good and the bad. A listening ear is worth a lot. Let them cry, allow them to vent. You don’t have to have all the answers, all you need to do is listen.

Don’t say, “Let me know if I can help.” They are not in a place where they can give direction right now. Offer an idea instead. Say, “I am going to bring you dinner Thursday night,” and just do it.

Drop off groceries, home made meals, fruit, desserts, etc. You could also give them a couple of lighthearted movies, a book to read, or even a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Note: If they have other children, don’t forget to think about them. They are hurting too!

Give them a condolence card, write a note, buy them a memorial/remembrance gift, or donate to a charitable organization in honor of their baby.

If you’re close, ask if you can come over and just “be” with them.

When you see them, don’t be afraid to speak their child’s name. Letting them know that you have been thinking about their baby means more than you’ll ever know.

Everyone grieves differently. If they want to be alone, give them their space. Just let them know that you are there for them when they are ready.

Keep texting, calling, e-mailing, and facebooking to let them know you are thinking about them, even after it’s been a few weeks or months. Even when they appear to be “over it” or back to their old selves, they will still be hurting, and will still need to know people have not forgotten about their child.

Note: Try to remember and acknowledge important dates, such as their due date, loss date, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.



Last night I had the PRIVILEGE/HONOR/BLESSING to pray with my 4 year old son, [R]uebin, who wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and forgiveness of his sins. He has been asking a lot of questions about Jesus, sins, and other things along those lines lately, but he was struggling to understand why we would want to go to Heaven one day.

I think part of his understanding was that he didn’t want to leave his mommy and daddy, which we explained to him that we would be there as well. However, every time we talked about heaven, he kept insisting that he loved and believed in Jesus, but didn’t want to go to heaven. Then it hit me, his understanding of heaven was based on how we were presenting it to him.

We loss our first son, Nathaniel, about a year before Ruebin was born. As a family we will often visit Nathaniel’s grave at the cemetery, and we would explain to Rue that Nathaniel was waiting for us in heaven. Well, it started to make sense, Rue’s understanding of heaven was a place we visited his older brother, the cemetery.

Well, last night we were watching Chris Tomlin’s video to the Song “God’s Great Dance Floor”. The video showed thousands of smiling Christians worshipping, singing, & dancing together. My wife, Pamela, simply said, “that’s what heaven is going to be like…”. That’s all it took for Ruebin’s perspective of heaven to change. No longer did he view heaven as a lonely, quiet cemetery; but now he viewed it as a place of laughter, singing, joy, dancing, and worship in the presence of Jesus!

He got it and he wants others to get it as well! The first thing he said after we prayed was this: “Dad, you need to tell big boys about Jesus, mommy will tell the girls, and I will tell my friends.”

What’s your perspective on Heaven?



As a pastor, especially one who works a lot with students, I often get asked the question, “How do I find God’s will for my life?“. Wow, great question, I will let you know when I finally figure it out myself… ha ha. Okay, so that response isn’t the best, but it’s usually how I feel when that question is being asked because I am also continuing to seek God and hear His voice.

Now there are some specific things we are suppose to be doing on an ongoing basis that helps us HEAR what God is saying. Those include reading the Bible (Psalm 119:105) and spending some quality time in prayer (Colossians 1:10). We also gain WISDOM and INSIGHT from Godly counseling (Proverbs 15:22) and going to church (Ephesians 4:11-12). BUT… even through all that, we often STRUGGLE knowing exactly what God wants us to do.

So, let me give you some advice. It’s DEFINITELY not for the lack of God speaking to us. He is ALWAYS calling out to us! The PROBLEM is that we have trouble HEARING Him. This is largely due to the fact that we are so easily DISTRA… hey look a red bicycle… CTED. We have SO MUCH “other” stuff “speaking” to us, that we have a Hard time hearing God’s voice amongst the “noise”.

So what do we do? Good question, first, get rid of / cut back the unnecessary distractions in your life (you know what they are, the things that eat up your time and equal to no value at all: ie. facebook, video games, tv, etc…) After you do what you need to do when it comes to distractions, then you need to LISTEN UP, the signs are already there! (1 Kings 19:11-13)

If you have a PASSION about something and that something brings glory to God, then there is a good chance that is what God wants you to do. When I say “passion”, I mean you are always thinking about that thing, talking about it, and even dreaming about it… Sounds like God is SPEAKING, so LISTEN, and then DO!

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. – James 1:22 NIV



BE a WARRIOR.. step up to be the MAN that God wants you to be! The world NEEDS men to stop being WIMPY, COMMITMENT-BREAKING, COMPLACENT dudes who are just trying to “get through” life. The world NEEDS DUDES who are willing to FIGHT for their MARRIAGE, FIGHT for their FAMILIES, and even more important, FIGHT for their GOD. The WORLD needs WARRIORS!

Let’s REMIND people WHO WE ARE, let’s KICK the excuses, stereotypes, and whatever it is keeping us from being the GODLY MEN that we are called to be! STAND UP, be a MAN, be a WARRIOR, and let’s BUILD GOD’S KINGDOM together!



WEAR A STAR – 2013

Our 3rd annual Wear a Star event is taking place this April 12! Last year we saw over 150,000 people invited to our event on Facebook with over 32,000 committing to wear a star!

We have been BLOWN AWAY from how God has been using this day to reach people who have experienced child loss. What started out as a day where friends and family wore a star to remember our Nathaniel Jensen is now becoming a day were literally thousands of people across the world are wearing a star for their “little stars”.

God is continuing to give us great opportunities for The [R] Project and we are looking forward to what He has in store for us this year and the future!

Check out wearastar.com for more info about Wear a Star Day and to purchase “Star Swag” to help support The [R] Project and spread the message of HOPE!

If you are planning on wearing a star, let us know here



“REVIVAL” a term Christians often use when they refer to God showing up BIG and seeing numerous lives CHANGED in a matter of short time. We have seen revivals take place throughout the years, where countless amounts of people have totally surrendered their lives to God. One of the greatest known recorded revivals to ever take place happened on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). Literally thousands of people were filled with the Holy Spirit almost simultaneously. It was God doing what He does best, SHOWING UP BIG!

But Wait! Before you start praying for a REVIVAL, please be aware of what you are truly asking.

With every REVIVAL comes hardships, testing, and pain. Think about it for a second… when you are praying for a REVIVAL, you are asking God to change lives and for people to turn away from their sin. That doesn’t sit to well with the devil, in fact, a REVIVAL is the last thing he wants to happen. So he is going to discourage you, hinder you, tempt you, and basically anything he can do to distract you from seeing a REVIVAL take place.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go back to the Day of Pentecost for a bit. Before thousands were saved on that day, there was some major factors that need to be looked at. One of Jesus’ closest friends denied him outright (Mark 14:66-72). One of Jesus’ disciples betrayed him for a little cash (Luke 22:48). The crowd turned against Jesus despite all that he had done for them (Matthew 27:22). And ultimately there was the death of Jesus himself (Matthew 27:50).

So let’s take a recap real quick: there was betrayal, rejection, death, and not too mention many other things that took place as well in order for a REVIVAL to take place.

Now, I’m not saying that someone is going to die if you pray for REVIVAL, we know that in order for a true REVIVAL, Jesus had to pay the ultimate sacrifice for us. But, what I am saying is that there is a good chance that there is going to be hurt, gossip, dissension, rejection, betrayal, and other tests of our faith.

Does this mean we avoid PRAYING for a REVIVAL? Not at all, but we need to make sure we are truly ALLOWING God to SHOW UP, and be able to TRUST Him fully throughout the entire process of the REVIVAL!

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”– Psalm 85:6



There are a LOT of BENEFITS when FAMILIES spend time TOGETHER! Here are a list of 3 of my favorite FREE/CHEAP activities/ideas that you can use to spend sometime with your Family!

DISCLAIMER: For all of the following activities, there is ONE RULE that must be followed… turn OFF cell phones and other electronics.

1. MOVIE NIGHT: Grab an oldie but a goodie movie (or pick up something newish (check out pluggedin.com for reviews & family friendliness ratings), pop some popcorn, and enjoy!

2. GAME NIGHT: Set up a board game around the table and let the fun begin! Your kids might need a little time to adjust to this actual “hands on” gaming, but rest assured they will LOVE it! Get some of the classics like Monopoly, Life, or even Candy Land. Or try something different like Cranium, Scategories, or my new personal favorite Quelf.

3. Serve Together: Work as a family to serve another family. Perhaps have someone come over for dinner, or volunteer at a local soup kitchen. There are lots of things one can do as a family to serve someone else. Have everyone go through their toys, clothes, and other personal items to see what they could donate. Perhaps you are a “crafty” family, you could build/make something together, or just go to the local nursing home and visit! The ideas are endless!!! You will be amazed to see the blessings/growth that will come to your family when you take time together to reach out to others!

What are some #FamilyFriday ideas that you have?



But seek first [God’s] kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

How To Spend Time Alone With God

Every great relationship requires time in order to grow, and it’s the same for our friendship with Jesus. God wants us to spend time with him! Here are some ideas to help you connect with God on your own:

1. Choose a TIME when you are at your best. If you are a morning person, spend time with God in the morning. The idea is to be with God when we are most alert and ready to hear him speak.

2. Pick a PLACE where you won’t be distracted. Our world is FILLED with interruptions. Disconnect from the world…Facebook will still be there when you are done.

3. Set a GOAL that’s realistic. Building the habit of a regular quiet time is difficult, so start with what you can handle. You may start with five minutes a day, two times a week. Eventually, it would be great to spend time with God once a day!

Ok. So. Now What?

Prayer can be defined as “simple communication with God.” You don’t need to know anything special to be able to talk to God. Anyone can! So share what’s on your heart. When we pray, we have more peace and less anxiety. We find more wisdom and make better decisions. God wants to hear what you have to say, and he wants to speak to you, too!

Read your Bible.
The Bible is God’s love letter to us. By reading it, we learn how God wants us to live and his purpose for our lives. Sometimes it’s good to read just a few verses, other times you’ll want to read multiple chapters. Do what’s best for you. I suggest you begin with the Gospel of Mark, so you can learn about Jesus. After that, check out Genesis, then Philippians, and John. After that, if you need some more suggestions, send me a message… I would love to help you on your spiritual journey!

Express your thoughts, feelings, learnings, prayers, questions and anything else about your spiritual life. Writing helps us explore what we’re learning from God.

originally posted by Matt McGill

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