First Week Results

Here are the results after the first week of following my new “health” plan. This eating plan runs through Mon-Fri with the weekends being “open” days.

Weight – 187.5 pounds Body Fat Percentage – 15%

So about 6 pounds loss, but even more amazing, almost 5% body fat!

So I’m in week 2 of this eating plan. My goal is to follow this plan for a total of 4 weeks.

I will continue to post results as I go…



It’s your 4 month birthday Nathaniel, your mom and I both love you very much. . .


Weigh In – First Day

This is my initial weigh in before I start this “health kick” eating plan.

I weighed in at 192.4 lbs. with a body fat percentage of 19.8%

I will weigh in again in about a week to see if there has been any changes…


Good Bye Sugar, Sugar

Over the next week I will be saying goodbye to sugar and anything else that is relatively not healthy. Starting tomorrow I will be going on an eating plan that is suppose to promote lean muscle and cut some fat. We will start this week and see how I do. This is a sample of a basic day on the plan…

[Breakfast – 7am] 1/2 cup egg whites w/ vegetable, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 5-6 raisins, 1/4 cup banana

[Snack – 9:30am] 1 can light tune w/ 1 glass of water, 2 slices of whole wheat bread

[Lunch – 12pm] 1 chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 5-6 almonds

[Snack – 2:30pm] 1 cup fat free yogurt

[Dinner – 6pm] 1 chicken breast or 8 oz. white fish, 1 cup (mixed) vegetables, 1/2 sweet potato

I will be posting my weight and body fat percentage as I go and will try to track my progress as much as possible…

Here’s to a week of no sweets…


Why we do what we do…

“Why we do what we do…?” is often a question I ask myself when it comes to working with teens.

Am I just providing a safe enviroment for your students, or am I trying to help them grow spiritually and discover their God given gifts?

I guess the answer would be a combination of the both, with a stronger emphasize on leading your student to a personal relationship with Christ.

I often am challenged with building a strong youth group having to deal with many obstacles. There are a lot of things your student could choose to do verses coming to a teen activity…

However, I strongly believe in the concept of the “local” church body, and want to challenge all parents to take a strong stand and purpose it in your hearts to support your local church. Just like a church, our youth group cannot fully function without having everyone involved.

Why do I do what I do? Because I love your students, but more importantly it is because God has called me to minister.

This is why I do, what I do….


Summer Mix ’08

Summer Mix

Originally uploaded by worshiphim24_7

Our Current Message Series for CRAVE.

A “Mix” of various topics… review of the “best” discussion and some “new” topics that have not been covered this year.


Just purchased the domain

I will be adding this blog and everything else related to what I do and who I am on the good old internet on this domain.

Simply speaking, more than anyone would ever want to know about me in one convenient place!


To Do List…

This summer has flown by to say the least! I can’t believe that school will be resuming in less than a month!

I know that this is bad news to all those kids out there, but it’s also a little discouraging to someone like myself who had some “BIG” plans for the summer, and really haven’t done much with those plans.

I could easily blame my “hectic” schedule, but I know most of us are in the same boat when it comes to being busy. So instead of just continuing to complain about something in which I cannot change at this point, I will list somethings that I would still like to accomplish in the “last” month of Summer ’08.

1. Landscaping my yard (our house has so much potential, I just wished it showed on the outside a little more)

2. Get the [R] Project rolling! (need to get our mission statement done, work on goals and vision)

3. 6 Pack??? I’ve been working out and running this summer more than I have my entire life, but still no 6 pack… why? Because I still don’t eat the way I need to… so my goal is to change my eating habits and see if we can something that resembles a six pack just a bit.

4. The Beach! Okay, so I went to Wildwood, NJ earlier this summer, but I need at least one more trip to the beach before summer is over!

5. Ministry Kick – Still looking for a ministry kick in the butt… something to pump me up, get me re-energized and ready for the fall…

I guess I will leave it at the 5 things for now. I do have a few other things that I would of like to accomplished, but considering that there is only around 30 days left of this summer, I think I have plenty of things “to do” to keep me busy.

Have you done everything you wanted this summer?



I hate not posting… I so want to do this on a regular basis, but often get so caught up in everything that I have going on…

I’m working on it…

(sounds a lot like living the Christian life as well…)


Weekend Wrap Up

Friday, July 11

We were at the Castle for a teen activity. Won by a stroke at Mini-Golf, loss some coinage in the Arcade, and Dominated at Laser Tag…

Saturday, July 12

Worked reshab with this awesome kid who happens to have autism… took pics of my new lambourghini, spent time with my Uncle Steve and his family who were visiting from Long Island, and was up to about 3am finishing my sermon for Sunday

Sunday, July 13

Preached during our AM services at Cornerstone you can listen to the message here

Went out to lunch with my Uncle and his family and a bunch of others at Chili’s… Had my bodyguards come with me as we met this guy who needed some money to get home, had small groups that evening, followed by another trip to the castle for some more mini-golf…

I didn’t do too well this time around…

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