Concert Announcement and More!

God is doing some big…. no, HUGE things in my life as of late.

He has allowed my wife and I go through something we never could imagine would take place, yet still give us the strength to go through “the fire”. And now He continues to bless us in amazing ways.

First, we are expecting our second child, Baby “PasquelOOOoooooooooo!”, he/she is due April ’09.

Second, the [R]evolution of Hope is spreading like crazy, From NY to Virginia to Korea to who else knows where! Now God is allowing for us to hold a concert this coming April (Just in time for Baby Pasquel!) with 2 huge bands “Pillar” and “Thousand Foot Krutch”. You can check out more here.

God is doing some amazing things in my life, how about yours? Do you have the HOPE that only God can provide?


8 pack for Christmas?

According to Men’s Health Magazine, the average guy will gain over 1.1 pounds during the next month. This is obviously due to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, plus all the added treats in between.

This past summer I took on a challenge where I was able to lose about 12 pounds in just about 3 weeks. Sadly, I went back to some very bad eating habits and have gained about 7 pounds of that back. However, I am challenging myself once again to get rid of the extra baggage and keep it off this time.

From now until Christmas, my challenge is to lose the excess and just maybe I give myself (and my smoking hot wife) the present of a eight pack for Christmas.

My current weigh in: 191.4 lbs. with a body fat percentage of 19%


Salvation is Here!

I have been listening to Hillsong United non-stop these past couple of weeks. I just can’t get the song “Salvation is Here” out of my head.

Our worship team had a chance to play at a local church’s coffee house last night. We opened up with that song, and it was awesome!

God has been doing some great things in my life and ministry as of late, and I am looking forward to what lies ahead… Salvation is indeed here, and yes, it’s going to be all right!


Skate Night @ the Castle

Skate Night
Fun night at the Castle, you can check out more here


Baby Dynamite – 6 Months Old

Nathaniel Jensen (aka. Baby Dynamite) would of been 6 months old today. It’s amazing that it’s already been that long since we had to say hello and goodbye to our son. We continue to love you more and more!

Happy Birthday Nathaniel… the [R]evolution of HOPE continues


Porn Again Christian

Pornography is probably one of most effective weapons that satan uses to destroy Christian men, their families, and their ministries.

Yet, it’s a subject that doesn’t get talked about too much because of it’s “sensitive” nature.

Mark Driscoll is currently taking a look at this deadly disease and is offering a free e-book on the subject. Check it out at


Letter from a student

The following is a letter from one of my middle school students, I have received hundreds of letters like this one, and would like to start sharing some of them with you.

I am not writing this letter to make you upset or anything like that, but yesterday’s chapel touched me in a way that I just have to write about it.

When most people have a baby they are happy and all, but they don’t realize how blessed they are and that they get a chance to keep it and see it breath, move, and even cry. But, you and Pam never got the chance to see this with Nathaniel, and it amazes me that one life can change a whole school and start a [R]evolution as you say.

Just one baby that not many people had seen, and he never did anything, but did sooo much.

I mean my aunt lost 6 kids before one finally lived past 6 weeks old and now he is a healthy 2 1/2 year old boy.

The other kids that never got the change to breath on this earth changed me and my family, but not like Nathaniel did. I just want to wish you, Pam, and the little one the best of luck, and I am praying for all of you.

Pam and you must have hearts of pure gold, cuz I could never get through something like this. Good Luck!

a 7th grade girl


the [R]evolution of hope has begun …


The Secret…

Well, the secret is out, Baby Dynamite is going to be a big brother!

God has continued to show us His infinite Grace and has blessed us with another baby on the way!

Baby “Pasquel” (asked Pam about the name) or as my students now refer as Baby “OOOoooooo…” (asked them about that) is due April 2009.

We are excited, nervous, and hopeful all wrapped into one. We continue to ask for your prayers as we are still healing with the loss of Nathaniel, but are looking forward to what God has in store for us and our family.

We love you baby dynamite and we can’t wait to meet your younger brother/sister!

The [R]evolution of HOPE continues!


Cardboard Testimonies

This morning was simply amazing, this video doesn’t even begin to describe what God is doing at Cornerstone. However, it is a small overview of how God can use people like us to do amazing things for Him. We just have to take our mess and allow it to become God’s Mess.



Gods Mess


Originally uploaded by worshiphim24_7

Tomorrow we will be wrapping up our recent series entitled “God’s Mess”.

We continue to see God work in amazing ways. It’s amazing the “mess” all of us are in, and how God can take that “mess” to do something extraordinary.

God has bless our youth group Crave throughout this past month. With 2 teens coming to Christ, another 2 wanting to get baptized, and another teen dedicating his life to full time ministry!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, with various people sharing their testimonies of the “mess” they were once in, to now being “God’s Mess”, it’s truly amazing.

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