Why we do what we do…

“Why we do what we do…?” is often a question I ask myself when it comes to working with teens.

Am I just providing a safe enviroment for your students, or am I trying to help them grow spiritually and discover their God given gifts?

I guess the answer would be a combination of the both, with a stronger emphasize on leading your student to a personal relationship with Christ.

I often am challenged with building a strong youth group having to deal with many obstacles. There are a lot of things your student could choose to do verses coming to a teen activity…

However, I strongly believe in the concept of the “local” church body, and want to challenge all parents to take a strong stand and purpose it in your hearts to support your local church. Just like a church, our youth group cannot fully function without having everyone involved.

Why do I do what I do? Because I love your students, but more importantly it is because God has called me to minister.

This is why I do, what I do….

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