I have always been fascinated by Superheroes, from Spiderman to Batman with Superman being my favorite of course. I like the idea of one person making a difference, standing up for what is right even when others would not.

So when I came across this article about “Real Life Superheroes” on msn.com the other day, I thought it was kind of cool to see real people wearing masks and capes and doing “superhero” things within their community.

Granted these tasks are not necessary leaping over tall buildings and going faster than a speeding bullet, but they are going out and helping the homeless and even fighting various types of crime. There is even a community of Real Life Superheroes found at reallifesuperheroes.com.

So this made me think that if I was a Superhero, what would I wear? What would my Superhero name be? And do we really need a mask and cape to be a Superhero?

If you could be a Superhero, what would your name be?

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  1. Jonathan Malm says:

    I’d probably wear a sweet suit…perfectly tailored. It wouldn’t be so practical but I’d look awesome while kicking butt. Just a thought… :)

    Then I suppose I would have to be called SuaveMan or something…

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