(The Following is an email from one of our missionaries who is currently in Haiti, please read and continue praying)
Sorry for the nature of this message, but I still have limited connection and internet time. We hooked up with some very good people from the Canadian- Haitian chamber of commerce and that has been a big help with connections, very importat in getting things done. I have attached some photos. You can write the article yourself almost without help from the pictures. The pictures show the destruction, the despair. People waiting in line behind a water truck to fill some jugs. People camping in the street, some still waiting for medical care. We used our whole supply of meds the first day. Melina helped deliver a baby or two. Dentists and Veteranarians are treating people. Everyone is a doctor now if they have a good education. We got some more meds from a closed company here and some from the UN base. We checked the structural integrity of two large buildings that the people are afraid to use as clinics. The first one passed, second one is unsafe. Everyone with any decent education is an engineer too.

Really hard getting fuel. We can’t get gasoline or bread or meat. Other foods are available though. The electric is off and won’t be back on any time soon. One photo is when I was scarfing some diesel fuel, which I have yet paid for, but still got it in hand for use. An angry mob killed a man right in front of us, saying he was a thief. Thousands of prisoners have escaped into the streets because the biggest prison in the country fell down. We couldn’t stop them as there were simply too many of them and we only had limited ammo. Plus, if you have to choose sides right now, I can’t really be protecting the thieves from thier very victims. There were three cops with shotguns directing traffic three blocks away and they ignored it. We have an offer of more meds from a warehouse, but we have to organise more aggressive security before we can go there and open the warehouse or it will be looted. We will get some more armed men for security and go get them. I have found a warehouse for us to use as a base and will go there tomorrow to get it ready. Nearly every business is closed. We hope some will begin to open Moday, including the banks. I haven’t got a cell phone yet because they are closed. I went to the owner of the AVIS franchise’s house yesterday and he said maybe we can get a different vehicle Monday. Our priority is to start moving relief supplies to the warehouse for quick distribution to those who need it while we quickly rebuild some churches and then we can use the church buildings as distribution points.

Thats all for now. Continue to pray. Many churches are destroyed, many christians are dead, in need, homeless or have lost family. We are safe, so don’t worry about us. We will update this as we can. Take this disconnected stuff and write an article and post it somewhere. Thank you for the prayers.
Wesley and Melina Lane


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