Twitter – Week in Review


So I’m totally stealing this idea from my friend @kevinmurrell. Here’s the deal, for all you “fools” that are not “twittering” I will be posting my “twitter” highlights of the week.

Oh, if you still don’t have any clue what twitter is, check out twitter.com and follow me @seth_switzer. So without further blahness, here’s Twitter – Week in Review for February 22 – 28:

Listening/watching missionaries to the deaf in Mexico with @courtandkara, but who needs sign when u got twitter?

I think that if yellow school buses were lime green that would make life that much more awesomer

Just walked away from a conversation about a boy being pregnant and shooting propane filled balloons

Get your free sub! http://www.millionsubs.com/…

Little irratated at the men in brown, what can you do for me today? How about delivering my package for starters

Happy national pancake day! Get ur FREE pancakes at ihop!

Sitting the room where my smokin hot wife and I had our first date, now she is 35 weeks pregnant

In about 2 seconds you will have the song ‘Im a Barbie girl’ stuck in ur head

Bad news is that were stuck at a service area, good news is that some dude gave us 20bucks each and chocolate

Trying to see how many times the phrase ‘thats what she said’ can be used this weekend

is giving up twitter for lent… Ha, yea maybe not

Your son rip is on line toot

Excited about what God is going to do this morning, echoing @moviepastor… “hey satan, hope you have your cup on today…”

Partying boy in the streets of downtown Boston

If u look at this message u owe me a 2 dollars

Wow, the male nurse seemed rather rude… Maybe he needs a hug

If u look at this message u owe me a dollar

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