Your body uses carbs as it’s primary source for energy, once your carbs are depleted, it then focuses on your body fat for energy. So, if you remove carbs from the equation, you are forcing your body to attack your fat!


Hydrate a lot, you don’t have much carbs (at least a gallon a day)

Example Meal Plan (Eat every 2-3 hrs)

6:30am – Eggs 4

9:30am – 50grms of protein shake and 2 table spoons of peanut butter

11:30am – 8oz chicken and almonds

2:30pm – 50grms of protein shake and 2 table spoons of peanut butter

5:30pm – 8oz beef patty and spinach

8:30pm – Eggs 4

You can use various foods as long as they are no carb or very low carb

Other Foods You can Use (Just a few examples)


Hot Dogs (Check packaging)

Tuna Fish

Cheeses (Check packaging, most contain traces or no carbs at all)

Various Vegetables (Be careful though b/c some contain a lot more carbs than one would expect)

Beef Jerky (Check packaging)

Foods to Avoid (Just a few examples)

SWEETS! (Sugars = Carbs = Bad)

Fruit (they contain natural sugars = carbs)

Soda (check labeling, most diet sodas are sugar/carb free)

Gum (if you do need to chew, Trident is one of the best choices, as there is about only 1 carb per piece)

Bread, Pasta, etc…

Most Drinks (especially juices, alcohol, etc…)

CARDIO (Do before your first meal or immediately post workout)

Weeks 1&2: 45mins 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

Weeks 3&4: 1hr 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

Weeks 5&6: 1.5 hrs 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

Weeks 7&8: 2hrs 4mph on treadmill* mon-sat (Sunday is optional)

*treadmill is recommended due to be able to control tempo, but you can walk outside if you choose to do so. Just aim for a consistent heartbeat of 110-120 bpm.

Weight Lifting (Don’t work a body part more than once a week, as recovery time will take longer due to lack of carbs)

3-4 times a week

ex. Chest/Triceps – Legs/Abs – Back/Biceps – Shoulders/delts


You get 1 cheat meal after the first 2 weeks, then once a week afterwards. This is for ONE MEAL ONLY. Use that meal to CARB UP!


Multi-Vitamin 2x a day (1 morning and 1 at night)

Vitamin C 2x a day (1 morning and 1 at night)

Fish Oil 3x a day (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner)

BeneFiber  2x a day (morning and night)

Stimulants (I’m not taking personally, but you can take some to help the process)


The first couple of days you will feel “light headed”. This is due to your body getting adjusted to no carbs. This feeling will go away after a few days.

You will actually feel more energetic due to lack of sugars in your system.

Due to your body being in a state of ketosis, you could have “bad breath”, so warn your love ones and invest in some mouthwash.

Consult your doctor to make sure this plan is okay for you to follow.*

You must do everything on the plan to achieve the results you are looking for, so make sure you drink your water, follow the eating plan, and do your cardio!


*You can do what you want, but I don’t want to be held liable for anything 🙂


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  1. thaps says:

    i believe this diet works. so does this mean if u do this diet then u dont have to count any calories right?
    since protein shakes are not the same in nutrition, which must one use and how much protein does one have to consume on a daily basis?

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