For those of you who still haven’t taken the “Twitter” plunge, here are a few “highlights” that I have twittered over the past few weeks.

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Twitter Review – March 1 – March 30

Is off today! No school courtesy of the snow

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity”

My smokin hot wife is giving birth in just a little over 3 weeks from now – Wow, can’t wait to meet you baby pasquel!!

My OCD won’t let me do any of the work that needs to get done before I clean off my desk with the work that needs to get done.

Had a random fire drill today which really wasnt a drill, maybe because Im hot?

Okay, so what’s the closest thing to punching someone in the face without actually doing it?

The teachers were Victorious in our Dodge Ball game! a special thanks goes out to my boy Taco

Practice safe eating, always use a condiment

I just hit the waitress with a wad of paper, she is so spitting in my food now

On the docs getting pics of Baby O, only 2 weeks until we meet him/her in person!

I have seen a lot of ‘Go Green’ advertisements all over the place, I just wonder how many of those ads will end up in the landfill?

“Your Mom” isn’t a really mature answer, although it works in most cases….

Shockcited fo sho, ITS GONNA BE ALRIGHT!

The average person spends 24 hours a day wishing that it was tomorrow

Just raced a dude in an electronic wheelchair and totally won! I was in my car…

Did u know that over half the people in this world make up over 50% of the world’s population?

Installing my baby’s car seat. I’m very excited that I finally get to use the roof rack on my Jeep!

I think we finally have a girl’s name picked out! Can u say Lafawnduh Switzer?

No baby today! Pam and Pasquel ‘O’ are both doing awesome, they are just not quite ready…

Getting fitted for my tux for my bro’s wedding.. Hope they have something big enough to fit the guns

Preaching main service this weekend, kicking off our new series “Recycled”. What is one thing in your life that you would like to restore?

hanging out with my smokin hot wife and preparing for tomorrow’s message… can’t wait to see baby OOOoooooo,,,,!

Sipping on my ginerella ella ella

Listening to the soothing sounds of baby pasquel’s heartbeat… This would be a top selling hit on iTunes

My students surprised me with all kinds of baby goodies in my office this morning, very cool! Never thought diapers would be so exciting! 🙂

Happy St. PATTY’S Day! I’ve got my green on, how about you?

Didn’t realize that running up and down the hall yelling “They will never get my Lucky Charms” would cause such a stir!

Looks like we are going to have a St. Patricks Day baby after all! Stay tuned…

Pam will be having a c section, baby should be here in less than an hour! Last chance to guess… He or She?

Going into the operation room, will be coming with a baby in my arms! Wearing a sweet white jump suit!

We have a beautiful baby boy! 7lb 4oz, 20inches!!!

Alright the name is… Going to be announced after we finish telling our family first! Oh, and he has that new car smell!

I would like to properly introduce you to Ruebin Kalel O’Switzer… We love you baby boy!

Hey Nathaniel, just wanted to say that ur lil brother Ruebin is one handsome dude! We love and miss you very much!

At the hospital with Baby Roo. he is doing extremely well. I was able to hold and feed him, and now he is getting some love by his grandmas

So I think Pastor Ruebin Switzer has a good ring it, dont you think?

Told my son how much his mommy and daddy loves him, then told him about how God loves him even more!

Some hollywood gossip magazine just contacted me and offered a million bucks for exclusive pics of baby Ruebin

Don’t think Pam appreciates it when I play the song ‘pump it’ when she is trying to nurse

First day of Spring and its snowing… Sweetness

I’m becoming a champ at changing diapers… This is only the beginning of a long relationship with huggies and pampers

The turning point in our life takes place when we stop asking God, ‘why me?’ And start asking ‘what now?’

At the hospital with Ruebin, poor kid had a knife put to his manlihood today…

Ruebin’s first twitter: ikikuyinbjjn

In times of change, learners inherit the earth. While the supposed expert is beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists

Saying hi to Ruebin’s big bro, God continues to provide HOPE on a daily basis

If you love Jesus, is the next person you encounter going to know it?

A student just randomely gave me a bag of skittles, SCORE!

[R]uebin is a tad nervous about all the peeps he is going to meet tonight at small groups, but thinks the chicks will digg his threads

This is my favorite time of the day, when I get to pray over my smokin hot wife and baby boy [R]uebin

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

Speaking in chapel again tomorrow, and based on reactions today, I am def using the “F” word again….

Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil, which becomes a stronghold, then a chokehold

10 days until I turn the big 3 0, I plan on checking some nursing homes out this next week

Good morning satan, are you ready for a beat down today?

Church was rockin this morning, Satan got a butt kickin, teen room was packed, now time for a nap…

Oh hello Monday Morning, I thought that we had an understanding that we shouldn’t see each other anymore

Just got tickets for Hillsong United in NYC! also have some tickets to the gun show if anyone is interested…


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