Dear Mrs. [R]uebin Switzer,

I’m writing you this letter to let you know how much you are loved. We have been praying for you ever since the day [R]uebin was born.

We have no idea what your name is, and there is a good chance that we haven’t even met you yet. However, we pray for you each day. We are praying that you will be protected from the things of this world. We are praying that your parents will raise you to honor God. We are praying that you will preserve yourself for our son. We are praying that you will grow into the virtuous women that God wants you to be.

We are also praying that [R]uebin walks in the path of Christ. That he will be the husband that you deserve. We are praying that we raise him to treat you with respect, and cherish you more than any other woman in the world. We are praying that he becomes the leader that he is suppose to be. We are praying that he is the Godly father that your children will so desperately need.

And though you most likely won’t see this letter for at least 20 years from now, we want you to know that God has something special for you both and we are praying that He uses you both for great things! We love you both. We love you…

Seth & Pam (Your future Father & Mother in Law)

It’s not required, but if you were
a Yankee fan, that would be a great plus…

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