New Years Resolution 2008 Review

So, I’m getting ready to post my Resolutions/Goals for 2009, but before doing so, I thought I would repost my 2008 Resolutions and take a quick look at how well I did at keeping them.

My New Year Resolutions (2008) – Top 20

So I’ve narrowed down my New Year Resolutions to a “Top 20”. I understand that is quite a few resolutions, but my resolutions or shall we say “goals” cover various areas of my life. From my personal walk with Christ, to my role and a husband and future “daddy”, to my ministry as a Youth Pastor or my “job” as a Vice Principal, or perhaps covering other parts of my life, these resolutions are to challenge and motivated me to be a better person for the year 2008. Not just a “better” person, but, more like the “man” that God’s wants me to be…

My “Top 20” Resolutions:

1. To continue to grow closer in my walk with Christ
– This is an ongoing/daily goal that I continue to pursue
2. To be a better husband
– as #1, this is also an ongoing goal, but I find the close I grow with Christ, the close I grow with my wife.
3. To read a new book every month
– I pretty much followed this goal, although I do wish I read more often.
4. To stop saying “dude” so much
– Dude, it’s not going to happen
5. To be the best “dad” I can possibly be!
– I learned what exactly it feels to have love for a child, it’s the most amazing thing ever.
6. To continue to exercise on a regular basis and hit these fitness goals (bench over 300 & body fat percentage under 10%)
– No and No, I do workout on a regular basis, but have not been able to hit either one of these goals, maybe in 2009?
7. To eat better (less sweets, more nutritious treats…)
– Up and Down on this one…
8. To be nice to “Rebecca”
– Who’s Rebecca? and why am I being nice to her?
9. To see the “Revolution” continue to grow
– God turned our “idea” into a “movement” more than I could ever imagine possible.
10. To lead our Youth Group further than we have ever been before.
– We continue to grow both in numbers and spiritually, exciting to see what else God has in store for us!
11. To develop my prayer life
– With a world full of communication, I feel like I still struggle in my communication with God.
12. To begin the process of starting a church
– We have really pinpointed an area, and God has opened various doors in this direction.
13. To get new pants
– Got some! like 4-5 pairs to be exact…
14. To buy a new house / sell our current
– House is on the market, but nothing yet!
15. To be less “sarcastic” yea… sure…
– ha, yea, that worked out pretty well…
16. To be “less’ random”… I like bikes
– still liking bikes, was that a bird?
17. Especially Red Ones…
– red bikes or birds? maybe crayons…
18. To not be a Hypocrite
– ongoing daily battle
19. To update my blog at least once a week
– yea, at times I was doing well, but I still need to work on this one
20. To be a better vice principal
– I think I’ve matured in quite a full areas, but still have work to to…

Okay, so their is my review of my 2008 Resolutions/Goals… coming next, my Goals for 2009

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  1. Emily Krump says:

    I like #16 and #17..lol

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