A few years ago when our son, [R]uebin, was born, my wife and I made a decision for her to be a stay at home mommy. Financially, this wasn’t an easy decision, but we both knew this was what God wanted us to do. Pam had a burning to desire to be a mom, and I wanted my son to be raised by her.

Now we have 2 kids (and another on the way!) at home with mommy. Financially speaking, it still doesn’t make sense sometimes. When we look at what my salary is (or it might be better to say what it “isn’t”.. ha ha ), the numbers don’t add up. However, we have seen God PROVIDE over and over again!

So, our income is less than when Pam and I were both working. We have more mouths to feed, clothes to buy, and other financial costs that come with having kids (like diapers, which are apparently made out of Gold). But, to be honest, we are better off financially now than when we didn’t have kids. Again, the math doesn’t add up. However, that’s our math. When we start applying God’s math, it works a lot differently than our math.

Having my wife stay at home is/was more than just a financial decision though. It really had to do with what we believe God WANTED US to do. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to be raising my kids while I’m at work. It’s an AWESOME feeling to know that my children are being influenced and raised by such a Godly lady each and every day!

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is what God wanted US to do. This might not be the case for you. Perhaps, you are a single mom, or in a situation where both parents have to work. I understand everyone is different, and you have to do what you believe is best for you family. However, I know that the SACRIFICE is well worth it, and we just need to TRUST God to provide!

Here are just 6 BENEFITS of having your kids RAISED at home:

1. You KNOW what they are being TAUGHT
2. You are there for their PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, & Spiritual Milestones!
3. It might actually BE CHEAPER than working another job (check out Can You Afford to Stay Home?)
4. You are making LIFE-LONG Memories!
5. You are CREATING an AWESOME BOND with your kids
6. Your INVESTMENT in your kids is WORTH more than any paycheck!

NOTES: Some of you might be mad saying, “why can’t the dad stay at home?” or “We tried this route, and it just doesn’t work for us”. Again, every family dynamic is different, you do what GOD is leading you to do. Just don’t make excuses in the process.

NOTES PART 2: I personally want to thank my wife for being an AWESOME mommy! THANK YOU for loving our kids, leading them closer to Christ, and having FUN in the process!

NOTES PART 3: If your SPOUSE stays at homes with the kids, make sure you let them know your APPRECIATION! They work just as hard (or harder) than you do, just without the PAYCHECK to prove it!


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