Wow, so this is like 6 months over due, but I want to officially introduce #BABYSWAG!

#BABYSWAG is the name we are giving to our 3rd child who is due in March 2012.

It was made apparent to me yesterday on Facebook that I haven’t really said much about him/her. Now this is not due to a lack of excitement for having another baby. However, I think that this child is already getting the “THIRD CHILD” curse.

When Pam and I were expecting “Baby Dynamite” I talked about him everyday at school, on facebook, etc… When we were expecting “Baby OOOOOOOOooooo….” we did much of the same. But now with #BABYSWAG, I think we have said something like twice. So we are already slacking in the daily announcements of his/her arrival.

I’m hoping that will change now because I don’t want this baby to grow up with only like 2 pictures of their childhood while they look through thousands and thousands of pictures of their older siblings.

So this post is for you #BABYSWAG! Your mom and I love you very much and despite the lack of tweets/facebook posts/smoke signals/ etc… we are quite excited to having you join the Switzer family!

Yea, our baby has swag

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