Last night I had the PRIVILEGE/HONOR/BLESSING to pray with my 4 year old son, [R]uebin, who wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and forgiveness of his sins. He has been asking a lot of questions about Jesus, sins, and other things along those lines lately, but he was struggling to understand why we would want to go to Heaven one day.

I think part of his understanding was that he didn’t want to leave his mommy and daddy, which we explained to him that we would be there as well. However, every time we talked about heaven, he kept insisting that he loved and believed in Jesus, but didn’t want to go to heaven. Then it hit me, his understanding of heaven was based on how we were presenting it to him.

We loss our first son, Nathaniel, about a year before Ruebin was born. As a family we will often visit Nathaniel’s grave at the cemetery, and we would explain to Rue that Nathaniel was waiting for us in heaven. Well, it started to make sense, Rue’s understanding of heaven was a place we visited his older brother, the cemetery.

Well, last night we were watching Chris Tomlin’s video to the Song “God’s Great Dance Floor”. The video showed thousands of smiling Christians worshipping, singing, & dancing together. My wife, Pamela, simply said, “that’s what heaven is going to be like…”. That’s all it took for Ruebin’s perspective of heaven to change. No longer did he view heaven as a lonely, quiet cemetery; but now he viewed it as a place of laughter, singing, joy, dancing, and worship in the presence of Jesus!

He got it and he wants others to get it as well! The first thing he said after we prayed was this: “Dad, you need to tell big boys about Jesus, mommy will tell the girls, and I will tell my friends.”

What’s your perspective on Heaven?

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Dorothy Jones · September 6, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Beautifully written…

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