There are a LOT of BENEFITS when FAMILIES spend time TOGETHER! Here are a list of 3 of my favorite FREE/CHEAP activities/ideas that you can use to spend sometime with your Family!

DISCLAIMER: For all of the following activities, there is ONE RULE that must be followed… turn OFF cell phones and other electronics.

1. MOVIE NIGHT: Grab an oldie but a goodie movie (or pick up something newish (check out for reviews & family friendliness ratings), pop some popcorn, and enjoy!

2. GAME NIGHT: Set up a board game around the table and let the fun begin! Your kids might need a little time to adjust to this actual “hands on” gaming, but rest assured they will LOVE it! Get some of the classics like Monopoly, Life, or even Candy Land. Or try something different like Cranium, Scategories, or my new personal favorite Quelf.

3. Serve Together: Work as a family to serve another family. Perhaps have someone come over for dinner, or volunteer at a local soup kitchen. There are lots of things one can do as a family to serve someone else. Have everyone go through their toys, clothes, and other personal items to see what they could donate. Perhaps you are a “crafty” family, you could build/make something together, or just go to the local nursing home and visit! The ideas are endless!!! You will be amazed to see the blessings/growth that will come to your family when you take time together to reach out to others!

What are some #FamilyFriday ideas that you have?


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