TheSwizzle: So Ruebin, your pretty hot stuff right now. Alot of people what to know what makes you tick, things you enjoy, etc… So if you don’t mind we have a few questions to ask you.

Ruebin: Sure, I’m all about sharing with my peeps, ask away…

TheSwizzle: Okay, so we are digging your name, what is your full name and the meaning behind it.

Ruebin: Alright, officially my name is [R]uebin Kal-el Switzer. Ruebin is hebrew simply meaning “Behold, a Son” the [R] stands for “Revolution” which my big brother had a part of starting. My middlename “Kal-el” is actually Superman’s real name meaning “Star Child” or “Star Child of God”.

TheSwizzle: What’s your favorite food/drink

Ruebin: Currently it’s the good stuff from my mom, especially enjoy it straight of the tap.

TheSwizzle: Who would you consider as your hero?

Ruebin: Wow, good question… Obviously Jesus Christ is a real hero of mine. I mean I was born in a hospital with all kinds of doctors and nurses and got a sweet crib to catch some z’s. Jesus was born in a manger with a bunch of animals around Him, and then when He grew up, He gave His life for me and you, that’s pretty awesome.

I would also have to say that my big brother, Nathaniel Jensen, has to be one of my heroes. I mean that kid has started a revolution of HOPE like you wouldn’t believe.

TheSwizzle: What music do you enjoy listening to?

Ruebin: Oh, I love anything from Hillsong United, especially that “It’s Gonna Be Alright” Song! I must have heard that song like a thousand times while chilling in the womb. I also am fan of anything John Williams, I mean that dude composed songs for Superman and Star Wars, he’s the man… fo rizzle

TheSwizzle: What’s your favorite color?

Ruebin: I actually have 3: blue, red, and yellow…

TheSwizzle: Do you have any nicknames?

Ruebin: Well, the girls like to call me “lil Roo”, but I also go by Pasquel, Oooo…., baby swizzle,  and of course Kal-el

TheSwizzle: Speaking of girls, are you currently seeing anyone?

Ruebin: At the moment, I’m living the single life. But I always got ladies asking for my digits.

TheSwizzle: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ruebin: I just want to be the man that God wants me to be. My parents have already been praying for me to be in the ministry, so I’m pretty sure that God is going to call me to be a pastor.

TheSwizzle: Do you have any hobbies?

Ruebin: I love sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more.

TheSwizzle: Huggies or Pampers?

Ruebin: That’s a pretty personal question, but at the moment Huggies. Currently my Huggies are sporting some Winnie the Pooh. My dad always makes the joke “You got pooh on your diapers”… yea, he’s prety corny, but I love him.

TheSwizzle: Hey thanks for you time, I know you have a busy schedule.

Ruebin: No prob, it’s how I roll… peace


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