2009 | The Resolutions

So we are a little over a week into the new year already and I am finally now just posting my New Year’s Resolutions for 2009.

I have started a few of these already, but now I guess they can be OFFICIAL with this post, without further ordeal, here are my top 10 Resolutions for 2009.

1. Continue to Grow in my walk with Christ (I have started this year by challenging myself to read the Bible through in 90 days)

2. Continue to Grow in my relationship with my wife. (I am currently doing the 40 Day love Dare – find out more here)

3. Be a Godly Father (Baby Pasquel “O”) coming this spring!

4. See the [R]evolution of HOPE continue to grow! (Thank you baby Dynamite)

5. Read at least 1 Book every month

6. Run a 5k

7. Hit some new goals at the Gym (Bench press 250, body fat below 10%)

8. Go on a Missions trip

9. Allow God to take my ministry to amazing new levels

10. Spend less time doing the things that don’t really count (tv, computer, etc…) and spend more time on the things that do (God, Family, ministry…)

Okay, so there you have it… So some of the resolutions might be predictable, but I do look forward to 2009 and all that God has in store!

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