Good-bye 2009… you were so last year

I could just start writing about all the amazing things God blessed me with in 2009. In fact, that’s not really a bad idea. The list is huge, and quite easily on the top of that list is the birth of my son [R]uebin Kal-el. God truly blessed Pam and I with this amazing kid, he is just “AWEsome”.

God has also done many things in our lives this year that is further pushing us in the next step of our ministry. As I look forward to 2010, I truly believe that this year will be something truly wonderful, and God has some amazing things planned for us. From visiting Europe, to mission trips to Africa and Honduras, 2010 will just be the tip of the iceburg of what’s going to take place in the Switzer family.

I’m open to you God, whatever you have for me and my family, we are ready!

Thank you God for my beautiful wife Pamela, and my awesome sons Nathaniel Jensen, and [R]uebin Kal-el… Thank you God for Cornerstone, CRAVE, and all the awesome students I get to serve…

The [R]evolution of HOPE continues in 2010… let’s go!

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