First of all, I totally have dibs on that word I just made up… “Shockcited”, its a combo of the word “Shock” and “Excited” and that is exactly how I feel at the moment.

As most of you know, Baby Pasquel”o” is due is just a few weeks (Due date is April 3). Well, Pam was at her weekly baby doc appointment today and the doctor shared with us the shocking, but exciting news…. We are having triplets!

Okay, no, not really… there is just one baby in there (as far as we know…) but, Baby O is going to make an early appearance. He/She is expected to enter this world sometime this weekend! We will be going into the hospital this Friday. If Pam is ready to go, then they will induce labor and Baby O should be here Friday or Saturday. If she is not ready on Friday, then Baby O will be here either Monday or Tuesday!

So we appreciate the prayers and will keep everyone updated. If you want to keep updated you can follow me through twitter. Simply text “follow seth_switzer” to 40404.

Baby Dynamite, your little brother/sister will soon be here! The [R]evolution of HOPE continues!!

BABY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo…………………


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