Baby Update

Here’s the latest about Pam and Baby Pasquel “O”.  Pam met her doctor on Friday morning and he stated that she and the baby are not quite ready.

They are both doing awesome! And we are now expecting her to deliver sometime this coming week. We will being going to the hospital on Monday evening and should know a little bit more by then.

Basically I think the doctors are more nervous than we are. It’s really a faith thing. Pam and I know that God is in complete control and we are really not worried about anything happening to baby pasquel. We just want both mom and baby to be ready, and this will happen in God’s time.

Please continue to pray, we absoloutely felt everyone’s prayers this past Friday, and experience a peace that only God can provide.

God is good and His plans have been and will always be greater than ours. He has used our son Nathaniel Jensen in a tremendous way, spreading God’s Hope to us and others as well. We look forward to how God will also use Baby Pasquel, and pray that we will be Godly parents raising him/her to be God honoring and fearing.

The [R]evolution of HOPE continues…

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