What Am I Thankful For?

It’s that time of the year where families and friends gather together for Thanksgiving. During this time together, there will be many turkeys eaten and a lot of football being watched. So as we enjoy this time of the year, the question will surely be asked: “What are you thankful Read more…


So I’m preaching this Sunday and my focus will be on marriages. One thing that I am going to touch upon is the importance of “Date Nights”. So I’m looking for your input on some good inexpensive, creative “Date Night” ideas… So, what ideas do you have?

Welcome to 2009

So this is the time where millions of people will use the opportunity of a New Year to make a “Fresh” start. Along with this, people will often make “Resolutions” or “Goals” for the coming year. So what are your “Resolutions”?

Gods Mess

Gods_Mess Originally uploaded by worshiphim24_7 Tomorrow we will be wrapping up our recent series entitled “God’s Mess”. We continue to see God work in amazing ways. It’s amazing the “mess” all of us are in, and how God can take that “mess” to do something extraordinary. God has bless our Read more…