– I’m a pastor at Cornerstone

– I’m a church planter Restoration Church

– I’m a husband to my smokin’ hot wife Pamela

– I have 2 amazing son’s one here (Ruebin Kal-el) and one in heaven (R.I.P. Baby Dynamite – A.K.A. Nathaniel Jensen)

– I have 2 equally amazing daughters (Genevieve [R]aphaela-Hope & Francesca Adonai-Hope)

– I am a proud owner of a shotgun because of my amazing daughters

– seriously

– I am the founder of the [R] project

– I’m the vice principal at Chapel Field

– I’m a web/graphic designer

– I twitter/theswizzle

– I like to work out, and am starting to run as well

– I hate running

– I like to write, but am terrible at doing so

– I play guitar and am part of our worship band

– I rotate my hair styles between a fohawk and no hair at all

– I ate a worm once

– I eat chicken all the time

– I hope to die with a piece of BACON in my mouth

– I’m overly obsessed with Napoleon Dynamite

– Star Wars is an all time favorite of mine

– I will one day be on the Amazing Race with my wife

– We tried out for the show

– We are still waiting for them to call us back

– I own a Wii

– I rock at Guitar Hero

– I play & coach various sports (Softball, basketball, etc…)

– I wish I played more hockey

– Golf is not a real sport

– I like mini golf

– I like to read stuff from guys who know what their talking about

– I never know what I’m talking about

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JIm Hale · December 25, 2013 at 7:36 pm

This is terrific advice. We’re planting a church in Richmond, Va and your site popped up first on my search for ideas for naming a church.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

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